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what is so great about xbox 360’s online gameplay?


me i am a ps3 and 360 owner, but i just dont understand this fude with the online gameplay, how is one better than the other
well i really dont have trobble with internet connection, my apartment i think they have like t1
Update 2:
well actually you can read messages, talk to friends but only in a party, and you can add people while playing

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  1. i ahve both and always play the 360 because yes you have to pay but therefore the online qualitly is much better it never lags for me you can have cross game parties, playt music and loads of toher things i ust find the ps3 slow

  2. The fude is not exactly about the gameplay its about the experience cuz in PS3 you can’t play music or Chat with some one or add a friend or read mail While playing online but on XboxLIVE you CAN

  3. 360 allows you to group chat with multiple friends all who can be playing different games than you. It’s also a far more simplistic setup than PS3. Don’t get me wrong, I love my PS3 still.

  4. I have both

    To make this story short

    Ps3- Great Graphics, Great Games for sport games, and shooting games like killzone3, and call of duty. Also Free live 😛

    Dislike- The internet service. Sometimes the connection can be good or bad. Or it can just be your sucky wireless adapter or something. Also it can be hard to get into cod games.

    Xbox360- Great quality,Great Games, Connection is awesome, fun playing with friends. I love the connection for the 360 easy to connect not much lag unless the host has bad connection or you do.

    Dislike- Red rings. or overheating. Also another thing is you have to pay for your “live” i think the prices went up. 1 year- 60 us dollars 3 months- 25 us dollars 1month- i think 8-10 bucks.

    I would highly suggest buying the 1 year because it saves u alot of money plus it comes with 1month free to i think:P

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