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what is Kinect and the X360S like?


thinking of buying/upgrading

i just want to know if kinect is any good for family games like kinectimals and stuff, a game i would love to see is Kinect twister. i can imagine that would be amusing.

anyway, the dreaded RROD was a problem in the older 360s, has the problem gotten any better in the new 360S.

if there is anything else i need to know about kinect? like special features (i heard it automatically adjusts, save the fiddling about like with the eye toy and wii sensors. is that true)

say “its crap dont buy it” by all means, but give a reason not just “PS3 is better” they are both equal in my eyes, apart from kinect looks (emphasis on LOOKS) superior to PS3 move.

thanks for any feedback.

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  1. brilliant all rounder for all the family, and they are a lot more reliable and don’t break down as easy, go for the upgrade, its something you won’t regret

  2. In my opinion, PS3 Move is much better. I’ve tried the both systems (kinect and ps3 move) and the ps3 system is just much more precise and it’s really fun. Kinect is not that precise. it looks like sometimes you’re just moving but it not match with what is happening in the game. but Kinect is a really good idea but it needs to evolve more.

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