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Trade iPhone 3G 8GB for PS3?


I recently posted an ad on Craigslist. I wanted to sell my iphone 3g 8gb for $300 or best offer. Someone replys to me that he wants to trade my phone for his 60gb PS3 that’s backwards compatible meaning the system can read and play ps2 games. I already own a PS3 80gb backwards compatible. I was hoping to sell the phone for cash but, if I did make the trade, I would be stuck with the PS3 and it might be hard selling it. His PS3 is in like new condition and retails in stores for $330 + tax refurbished. It might be cool to have another PS3 in my room to watch movies or play online with my dad(COD4) while he’s playing the other PS3 in his room. Now im debating if I should do the trade. Should I just wait until another buyer replys and buy my phone for cash?


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    Even if you don’t need it, a backwards compatible PS3 ebays for a lot.

    I wish I had one.

  2. absolutely take the trade! they don’t make backwards compatible units anymore. keep in mind that ps2 owners decide to upgrade everyday, and they would much rather have the ps3 that plays their old games than not. on top of that, a ps3 appears to be a wiser investment over the iphone. my logic being an iphone is expensive on a monthly basis with the data plan and everything. a ps3 will cost you half as much a month IF you buy a brand new game every month.

    and one final note, preorder an extra copy of modern warfare 2 for the ps3. pick it up AT midnight and DO NOT OPEN it. put the system and the game on ebay as a package item. right in time for the holidays, many people have no idea what the hell a ps3 is and will gladly pay extra for the convenience of knowing its a one stop gift!

    i think you’ll have no problem getting rid of the extra unit, hell consider selling your 80gb and keeping the 60gb if it seems like its in better condition. with your profit you mind be able to afford a bigger hdd anyway.

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