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Ps3 Spinning Icon in the Top Right-Hand Corner?


When I’m on a game on Ps3 and I look at the XMB™ menu, when I come off my XMB™ menu, I always get a spinning icon in the top right-hand corner. It takes about 1 minute and 10 seconds to disappear, but it’s annoying when I’m trying to join my friends game. It also happens when I click on Join Session on Mw3. As well as that, it happens when I’m sending someone a message. Sometimes, in the top right hand corner, theres no spinning icon, but the screens dark, meaning I can’t click on anything. My Ps3 is a few years old, and I’ve got the fat version – 80GB. I think about 70GB is used, but don’t tell me to restart my Ps3, because I don’t want my data lost. How can I get rid of the spinning icon?


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  1. Sorry dude,you simply can’t.

    The icon u describe as spinning icon is actually d loading icon.It appears when d system is processing anything.something like loading a disc,logging into PSN.etc.

    If d system is idle,d spinning icon will just turn to a clock.

    So,all u can do is tolerate it.

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