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ps3 feezing and turning off?



Yo, so i was just playing infamous yesterday and was just about to get to the climax of it when my ps3 froze. I thought it was just a one off, so i went on inFamous again. I was playing the same mission again and got to a part near the end of that hard anything for trish mission. And guess what. my ps3 turns off automatically. I have looked on other questions on yahoo answers but i just want to be sure.

My ps3 does not have YLOD, it still works. I have done the beep test thing. I have only had the PS3 a couple of months, and it was one of the best things i had ever spent my money on.

I have not touched the console since yesterday because i do not want to cause anymore damage to it and if it gets YLOD my mum will bever pay £145 from SONY to get it fixed. (Im 12 btw, im not one of those lazy ass teens who cant be bothered to get a job to pay for their own stuff, thats why i cant pay for it if it does get YLOD).

Please Help 🙁

What should I do now?

Do cooling fans work if that is the problem?

Should I live my ps3 be for a few days?

Please guys any help is appreciated. I want to take care of my console as I would not exa\ctly like to go back to XBOX 360.

Thanks guys, to best answer with best info. 🙂

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  1. I’m starting to think that it is the game itself.

    I too downloaded Infamous as part of the Welcome Back package and my PS3 cuts off while playing it a lot of the time. There was another question about this and that guy’s PS3 cuts off while he plays his downloaded Infamous.

    Maybe you could delete the game from your hard drive and re-download it from PSN again. If you do not delete any of the saves, you shouldn’t have to worry about starting over again.

  2. Not heard of this happening before. Have you had the problem with any other games? Is it a disk copy or a downloaded copy as part of the welcome back package. I have the downloaded copy but have not started on it yet.

    /edit/ If you havent had the problem with anmy other games it could be the download file, if your not too far into the game, start agin. If youre a trophy hunter and want the platinum you’ll need to do this anyway.

    sorry not much use.

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