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Open Xbox controller without Torx T8?


Well, I’m doing a custom paintjob on my controller, and I need to spray it with clear coat. However, I need to open it. I have a Torx T8, but it doesn’t reach the two bottom screws. Is there a way to do this? They have them on eBay, but it says it will take 4-7 business days to ship, and I don’t want the controller to smear. Please help!

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  1. He necesitado un joystick especial para la consola y porque el joystick que compre en los sitios web, para el ordenador, ha sido tan bueno, para la consola también lo compre de sitios web, el joystick ha merecido todo el dinero, que no ha sido mucho, funciona muy bien, tiene una buena precisión y además no se mueve en el juego, seguramente una compra excelente.

  2. well, is it wireless or wired controller? the wireless controllers NEED a torx screwdriver.you can find a FULL set of them at auto zone for 12-13$ with the security hole in it.the screws for the xbox 360 have a peg in it so you NEED that security hole when you buy it.and ive been through this process MANY MANY times trying to find alternatives instead of using a proper torx.the 1s at auto zone will fit in the screw slots all the way down into it.the brand is called TITAN and its green and has around 15 different torx on it.kinda look like a swiss army knife. ur best bet is to not use a flat head and strip the screws and buy a 12$ torx set from auto zone.the only alternative is to explore youtube and type in HOW TO PAINT A XBOX 360 CONTROLLER.

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