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Need clarifications on Xbox 360?


Hi everyone,

I have got some questions about the Xbox 360.

1) Ok we all know that the Elite comes with HDMI support. Does this mean that Elite will have better graphics than the Premium’s? Isn’t the ‘normal’ 360 is already in high-def? So why HDMI?

2) The portable HD-DVD rom is out now. But it just simply means that it play HD-DVD that has higher capacity than dual layer DVDs, yeah? And by the way, all the 360’s games are in dual layer DVDs, aren’t they? So the HD-DVD rom is primarily for high-def movies. Correct me if i’m wrong.

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  1. 1. HDMI support doesn’t mean better graphics necessarily, it just means it can display your games in a higher resolution. graphics are something that is rendered by the system or game, and HDMI is just a connection from the system to the TV

    2. HD-DVD is just for movies right now. No idea if there will be HD-DVD games later on, or even if that’s possible.

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