Home Xbox Forum Just got an xbox, some questions?

Just got an xbox, some questions?


1) Can I put my xbox on my dvd/vcr player?

2) How does the mic work, and do a lot of people even use it?

3) What sort of games are multiplayer?

4) Do I just queue for a random group since I have no friends?

5) Is that even possible ^?

6) I made an avatar and she’s cute, but what is her purpose?

7) It says I cannot change my gamertag unless I have some sort of points? What are these?

That’s all and thanks for anyone that answers <3

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  1. Well to use the mic you plug it in the bottom of the controller and yes a lot of people use it.

    A lot of games are multiplayer you just have to research and find some that you like.

    The more you talk and be friendly you will make some friends. Maybe some friends from school have Xbox also.

    The avatars purpose is for Xbox Kinect if you have one but other than that He/She is their for people to get an idea of what you like lot look like.

    To get Xbox LIVE you must buy a gold membership card located at your local Best Buy, target, Walmart or radio shack. 3 months is $25 and one year is $50. Once you get that you can change your gamertag. You can also buy Microsoft points where you can change your gamertag anytime you want BUT YOU MUST HABE XBOX LIVE FIRST.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  2. 1.idk

    2.if you have the Microsoft mic you stick in the controller and yes a lot people use them

    3 alot if games are multiplayer bf3 mw3 gta 4 so on

    5 idk don’t what you saying but I’ll be your friend camo boy67 just let me know how you know me

    6 it’s just avatar it’s represent you and your likes

    7 they are known as Microsoft points the cheapest is 20 bucks and it comes with 1600

    And they are used for add ones and other stuff

    And you if you message me on xbox live I’ll help you even more

  3. 1) I wouldn’t do that because your system might heat up but you can

    2) Basically the Mic allows you to chat with people live when playing multi-player games

    3) MW3 and Black Ops are 2 shooting games.there’s tons

    4) If you want

    5)I don’t know

    6)Her purpose is to display you, it’s your character, like playing a game

    7)Yes, you need points, they are called Microsoft Points, they allow you to buy clothes and change your gamer tag and buy in game add ons and stuff. You can buy them at stores its a little card.

  4. 1) Don’t know what you mean. As in on top of it? Sure.

    2) Plug in to controller. And yes 85% use a mic.

    3) All shooting games, and guitar hero games.

    4) Just make friends, talk to people on the game.

    5) Yes.

    6) To give people an idea of how you look in a way.

    7) Microsoft points. They sell 1600 microsoft points at any electronic store for $20!

    You’re welcome. 🙂

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