Home Playstation Forum how much would i get if i sold a ps3 slim 120g?

how much would i get if i sold a ps3 slim 120g?


i got a ps3 slim with a contract phone and already has a fat ps3,i have tried the slim but think it looks ugly compared,so im thinking of selling the slim at the game shop.but im worried about pricing.


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  1. Gamestop is giving $200 for every PS3 sold. Sure, it’s less than what you payed for, but better then the $130 they usually give. I traded in my fat PS3 in like a month ago.

  2. why not give it to a friend or have it somewhere else in your house so when a friend comes over you can play together online because nearly every ps3 game doesn’t have 2 players.

    or check out the prices for them on ebay or GAME. that will give you some clue 🙂

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    at GAME, they sell it for £249.00

    you could even sell it on ebay – you might get more than it’s worth! because of the bidding, probs more than any game shop as they ALWAYS give you less :/

    and i totally agree with you by the way – ps3 fat rules!

    slims are just ugly.

  3. Keep the slim, buy a cool decal if looks are important to you. It’s a lot more reliable than your fat, and will last longer.

    That said, you could sell a brand new unopened slim for $300, a slightly used one for $250. Don’t go to a game shop though, they’ll give you less than its worth. Fastest/best way to sell it would be Amazon, Ebay, or Craigslist.

  4. Personally myself i like the slim better than the regular ps3 since the older model ps3’s fan’s are incredibly loud. While as the slim you barely hear it. Also the ps3 slim looks not bad im pretty sure they will give you 200 bucks even if you only used it once.

  5. You can consider buying PS3 slim

    Ps3 Pros:

    1) Quiet

    2) Motion sensitive controllers

    3) You can use any Bluetooth headset, keyboard, mouse, etc.

    4) Blu-ray

    5) Lack of flashing lights on front of machine!

    6) Built in wi-fi card

    7) HDMI included

    8) Free Online Community and Game Play

    9) Tech support speaks english and appears to be located in America, they understood my name and my question.

    10) Controllers come with built in rechargable battery and can be charged with any usb port.

    11) easy to navigate menus

    12) No ridiculous power brick, one cord, if you want to take your ps3 with you somewhere you only need the controller, the unit and the power cord.

    Ps3 Cons:

    1) No IR receiver, you can’t use your regular universal remote to control the ps3 you need a bluetooth which means an extra remote.

    2) Shape, this one sounds stupid, but the rounded shape of the ps3 really annoys me because you can’t stack, say your wii, or even lay your remotes on top of the unit. (maybe you shouldn’t do that anyhow LOL)

    3) Less games, or at this point I guess the better point would be less games made for the ps3, instead of built for the xbox and ported to the ps3, this is however changing and in the future will be less of an issue.

    you can buy easily this online:

    PlayStation 3

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