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Xbox 360 connection troubles.?


I was playing my Xbox360 fine.

Then i decide that i want to play some wii.

I connect my wii to the internet and play fine.

I try and connect to live and it fails, so i run a diagnostic.

It says it connects to the internet, an Xbox live.

It dosn’t work.

I got to connect to xbox live again but it says “error, if this persists go to xboxlive.co.uk/support”.

I go to xbox live support but it says nothing about said problem.

What’s wrong?

What should i do?

Tl;dr My internet connection works but xbox live dosn’t connect.


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  1. Xbox Live is down. I have a relative who works for the Computer Engineers who are suppose to fix stuff like this, and they think it is something serious. It could be down for a week. That’s what he told me.

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