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Where can I get my Playstation 2 repaired after the warranty has expired?


I can’t get my PS2 repaired by Sony because the warranty has expired.

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  1. Gamestop would be the place! They will however have to send it away for a bit but it should be fixed when you get it back!!

  2. You can still get Sony to fix it for you even if the warranty has expired. The only thing is that you have to pay to get it fixed.

    If you don’t want to get Sony to fix it for you, you can try looking in the yellow pages for any stores that fixes electronic equipments. The downside is the store might not know what it’s doing, so it might do more harm than good. Also, you can’t ask Sony to fix it after the seal is broken unless the seal was broken by Sony.

  3. get it repaired from someone else. if ur lens isn’t workin, u can’t get it fixed and have to buy a new hardware worth the amount of ur ps

  4. I will just warn you. If any part at all of the UPC sticker that is on the back is missing you are up a creek. Sony will not even tell you where a repair center is it. Our daughter’s boyfriend fixed our sons because part of the corner of the UPC was missing they said it was stolen. Which by the way 200.00 at our walmart isn’t stolen. Good Luck

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