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What PS3 game should I get?


What PS3 game should I get other than GTA IV n CoD W@W

I already hav CoD4, MGS4, LBP, Burnout Paradise, Ratchet & Clank: TOD

I am currently planning on getting KZ2.

But I am not sure, I want a game to have excellent online play, like CoD4, and gr8 replay value

I want it 2 last till MW2

best answer gets and 5 starz

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  1. well arkham aslyum looks good its very powerful. and for us ps3 users we get to play as joker. But i recommend resistant 2 over killzone 2

  2. Battlefield 1943

    try the demo and if you like it buy it in the playstation store,idk if it will hold you off until MW2,but its cheap and fun

  3. If you like GTA, I suggest you get Saints Row 1 then buy Saints Row 2, basically it’s about Gang wars and taking over the city, overall, the story’s great and the games really fun.

  4. well uncharted is an awesome game there is also

    heavenly sword

    rockband 2

    mirrors edge for only 20 bucks it gets you mad at times while playing but i liked it

    need for speed undercover


    zen pinball

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