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A Little About Home

Last year around the time the PS3 was coming out, Sony announced the biggest project for the system thus far, the Home. Home, for anyone who is unfamiliar with the project, is a massive online community for PS3 users to interact and express themselves in almost every way imaginable. Home is so big because it’s got something none of the other systems have. It’s free. Everything in Home is free of charge, just like the PSN store.

Here’s a little more about the Home. Home starts off with you creating a character that is personalized in every way by you. You control your character and participate in the Online, virtual community, which includes real world public areas like Parks, plazas, and movie theaters. Outside the Public area is each users individual home, which generally takes the form of an apartment. You can customize your apartment as you see fit.

You can communicate with others as you see fit. You can use the easy to handle chat system through your controller. You can plug in a keyboard and type to other home members, or you can plug in a headset and chat with others. Anyone can talk to you in public areas and you can talk back to them or ignore them. When you are in your Home, you can invite guests and chat in a more private place. Clans and online organizations can meet privately and discuss whatever they want. How you use Home is entirely up to you.

The main purpose Home was created was for online play. In home you can invite anyone you want or even whole groups of people into online games and chat with them. Home acts as a resting point between gameplay, it’s a get up and play when you want program.

The Release Date

Their is much speculation as to when home will come out. A recent game called Pain had an encrypted message in one of it’s commercials featuring a billboard of the PSN store. On the Billboard showed the release of Pain in the store, and directly before that Home. People took this that when Pain came out, Home would to. Sony announced with the presentation of the Home project that it would be released in Late November, Early December, which spurred people to believe the date will be December 6th, which is the next Home update. No more clues have been dropped as to the release time of Home, but it is supposed to be soon. Once the open beta is released, people from anywhere in the world will be able to play on home through their PS3.

Their is a lot more to Home then I’ve put in this small article, but I hope it helped people who are not completely sure of what Home is and what it does.

For more information on the PS3 and all it has to offer you can visit my site [http://home.ps3beginnertricks.com] I will try and update my site shortly with more information on Home for those of you that wish to learn more, once again, I hoped I’ve helped some people better understand home.

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