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Sony slashes price of PS3 in North America?


What a pathetic excuse ,not only they are trailing behind Nintedo Wii and Xbox ,but they are the most expencive consol on the bleeding market ,they have reduced the price by $100? Is that the best Sony can do? I think the best will be to sell the consol half price! The games are extremly expencive even second hand ,Sony give up you are outruned, beaten by your competitors left with the crums.

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  1. Price drop is always good. But this console is not trailing behind WII and 360. Sony made a right thing to think of the future. Wii and 360 technically are not even close to PS3, so in a year or two PS3 will dominate for sure.

  2. If Sony sold the PS3 for half price,they will lose alot of money right now.In the short future,they will.In the present? No. A hundred dollar price drop saves you alot of money,since you are also getting free online,blue ray dvd players and many more.

  3. It is still expensive and so are the games for it. Face the fact, PS3 sucks and you know it. Nintendo Wii is soooooo much better (1000000X better). There you have it.

  4. PS3 is the ONLY next gen game system on the market. For $600 you get a media center & blu-ray DVD player.

    the games for PS3 are priced no higher than Xbox360 games. of course, that doesn’t alleviate the problem of no good titles out there. I’ve owned one since Xmas & have yet to buy a single game for myself (the wife bought Sonic for herself) other than those games that came bundled with the unit.

  5. You are very ignorant you know.

    Given the same time span of release PS3 has outsold 360.

    The Wii, while it is a fun machine for “party” games, pales in comparison to PS3 and 360. The Wii doesn’t even look as good as a PSP never mind a PS3.

    The fact that technology gets cheaper to make over time and the fact that blu ray is beating the crap out of HD DVD is a big reason why they can lower the price. The more you sell companies with a technology not being so scarce is that your costs will go down. PS3 is also going to come in 80GB for $600 in the fall, another reason for dropping the 60gb model.

    You sound very uninformed on the three systems and clearly do not own anything but a Wii. The Wii (for the cost) is a good system but you could never compare it to 360 or PS3 because its just not even in the same realm.

    Please do your homework before making unwarranted accusations and offending people who have a certain item. It makes you sound very unintelligent.

  6. I do agree on the fact tht PS3 is a little on the expensive side. I know that, you know that, and everyone else knows that. For $500.00, people should be buying every single on in sight! $500 dollars for: Blue Ray player, mp3 player, 60 g hard drive, the best game system ever, internet use, and so much more!! Like the man a few ahead of me said, unless you can afford to own one, tried one out, and dont like it, dont be raggin on it for the people who want one, changing their oninions, or raggin on it to the people who own and love them. Because neither of them want to hear it. If you want to rag on PS3 do it in the X-Box section please. Thank-you.

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