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Should i get PS3 12 GB version?


I planned on buying PS3 and i saw this 12 gb version , which was kinda cheap. I want to buy 1 or 2 games and play them for several months because they are expensive. So is it worth buying this version? Also does it have acces to WiFi?

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  1. If don’t want to download anything off of PSN, then yeah it’s a good console.

    Otherwise get the bigger hard drive.

  2. if you are only buying a couple of games a year and will not be downloading games or dlc it should be fine , but remember some games use several gigs just to install , even disc based games ( gta5 uses 8 gigs and would fill that ps3 because after a format and the system software you only have about 9 gigs available to use )

    Just research the games you might buy and see how much hdd space the require before buying a 12 gig model , it will cost at least as much if not more than the 250 or 500 gig models if you have to later buy a hard drive enclosure for a ps3 and a larger hdd because you need more space. even the 40 gig models filled up after 3 or 4 games and a few downloads

    all ps3 consoles have wifi access.

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