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Should I buy Mirror’s Edge?


I was thinking about getting it used for $12.99 but my only concern would be if it’s any good. I don’t really like reviews because they’re payed proffesionals telling me if it’s worth it. But I want to know what other random people think. And also, if you do recommend me getting it, should I get it on xbox or ps3? Which system does it run better on? please be as detailed as possible. Thank You

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  1. I think that it’s quite good but not great. It is very original and fresh, different to any other game, but after the campaign there is very little to do. Id recommend it if you want a different game and if youre bored of your games. Igot it for £5 which was a bargain and that was about 3 years ago so you should be able to find it for cheaper than $13. It will be practically the same on both consoles.

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