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Purchasing Headphones for PS3- Please read?


Hi i am looking to to buy headphones for my PS3 around the christmas period. I have my eye on the Turtle Beach Ear Force P11 Amplified Stereo Gaming Headset, as they’re relatively cheap and recieve good/excellent reviews.

The main reason i am buying these is that i have an old PS3, 80GB “Fat” model, and it has started to get a really loud fan noise after about 50 minutes of play (Although i just went on shyrim for over an hour and it never went into the level it usually reaches, still not silent though). There is definately nothing wrong with the PS3, as a computer teckie guy replaced the thermal compound and gave it a good clean, and if i was going to get Ylod it would’ve happened by now. I am hoping the headphones will drown out the noise of the ps3, while also giving a more “Immersive” experience.

The question is, will i not be able to hear the PS3 fan noise over the sound of the headphones? Thanks!

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  1. I agree with the other person’s answer. I responded to your question because I wanted to let you know you are on your way to getting the YLOD. Loud fan noise is usually is the first warning sign. Having new thermal paste applied and having your PS3 cleaned is great, but that should have been done long before the fan had to kick into high gear to cool down the system. People always wait until it’s too late to apply new thermal paste. The problem is that the damage has already been done. And by damage, I mean to the solder joints. They have weakened and cracked. Because of this, at some point your CPU, GPU, or some other memory chip will come loose and cause hardware failure. Also, your chips have sustained heat damage and will continue to even with new thermal paste. I recommend you back up your data regularly, so that you are prepared when your PS3 eventually fails. In fact, I would start saving money for a new PS3.

  2. you wont be able to hear the sound noise i have the head set your talking about. you can adjust the sound of what you hear on your mic theres this wheel thing on the wire of the head set._.

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