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ps3 controller trouble.


i have an original ps3 sixaxis controller, and just resently, it stopped working. when i plug it into the ps3, the four red lights blink consistantly, but when i try to turn the controller on, nothing happens. i have left it plugged in for about an hour, to make sure the battery wasn’t dead, but still nothing. it wont even turn on while i have it plugged in. Any ideas of whats wrong with it, or am i just going to have to get another one? thanks a lot.

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  1. There’s a tiny tiny reset button on the back of your PS3 controller. You need a needle or something very thin to poke the reset button. When you unplug the remote it should work.

  2. isit the right usb charger? you havent been bouncing it off the walls have you because of serious lag on the game you’ve been playin? lol because i do.

    try diffrent usb cabels that fit int he controller and see if it works if not then theres something wrong with your controller, seriously. i shake mine and it makes a noise. there crap. i dont like them.

  3. Have your USB charger attached to the controller and plug it into the PS3 console, until you see the controller charging (blinking red lights), then at the back of the controller, there should be a little reset button, press that and take out the USB charger and it should work back to normal.

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