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Ps3 cfw questions help. Plz read additional info.?


I have a ps3 on 3.66. I have tried to downgrade and everything. Nothing worked. After searching the Internet I learned that it is impossible at the moment. If I waited For 3.70, can I get cfw? And is it possible to get cfw for your current firmware? Example: firmware 3.55 to 3.55 cfw? Or do you have to actually update to cfw as in 3.55 to 3.56 etc?

Another question I have is if I want to put games on an external hard drive, do I have to get cfw with kmeaws? On the tutorials, it says get cfw using kmeaw. What’s makes his different from the others?

Another question I have is there any way to put games on on external hard drive with ofw? And put multiman app on it ofw?

My last question I have is who makes jailbreaks? I know kmeaw and geohot, but I find downloads of update pup files with no name, who made those, are they fakes?

Please answer my questions and any other additional info I should know. The quicker the better. Thank you to anyone that answers seriously and helpfully.

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  1. As far as I know 3.66 firmware doesn’t right now have a jailbreak but, it will probably come out any day now lol. Yeah you might have to wait till 3.7 or the next firmware update comes out but, you probably won’t because These jailbreak things like USB dongles usually work when they say they will.

    Once you get 3.55 you don’t upgrade because 3.55 doesn’t need upgrading from my knowledge. I know you can with jail break put games on external hard drive and people on ioffer.com actually sell hard drives with like 100 or so games on it already for good money.

    Yes I think people make the pup files and, this obviously isn’t suppose to be legal its a form a piracy I think but, its not like your the one selling the jail break dongles and selling them so that takes care of your police record LOL.

    The pup files are not fake I think they are actaul games you then sometimes burn onto a blu-ray disc. You do have to have a blu-ray drive to do this.

    That is all I know about this because I don’t have a jail broken PS3 but, I just learned a little browsing ioffer.com because they sell those things over there and they sell like hotcakes I think.

    I really hope I answered some of your questions.

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