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PS1 game with PS2 memory card?


I have a PS2 with a memory card,and when I boot it up I am able to see the card contents on the screen. However when I play a PS1 game, although the PS2 is happy to play it, I am unable to save the game at any point. I am advised that I will need to instal a memory card (although I know the PS2 can see the card). Any ideas please?

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  1. I think at some places they sell adapters that work with memory cards in a usb type of way. I remember my friend used it to get his ps2 data of his memory onto his ps3. Maybe it’ll work for your case :/

  2. Although the PS2 could play PS1 games, the memory cards for each were different. For PS2 games you needed a PS2 memory card, and for PS1 games you needed a PS1 memory card.

  3. For absolutely no logical reason whatsoever, the PS2 can only read and write data from PS1 games to PS1 memory cards. Despite the hardware being otherwise 100% backwards compatible, they provided no way to write PS1 save files to a PS2 card. You’ll have to hunt down a PS1 card on ebay or somesuch.

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