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My ps3 won’t read my ps2 games, why?


On the back of the box, under the “NON COMPATIBILITY NOTICE” section, it states it is not compatible with the ps2 memory cards and controllers. It never says that it is not non compatible with the ps2 games its-self. Am I missing something or is my ps3 just a f*ed up piece of crap? I can play my ps1 games fine on it and I downloaded and installed the ps2 something the other from the PS store.

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  1. some models PS3 will not play ps2 games. I get all my games from a download site that has PSone and PS2 as well as all the latest PS3 games.

  2. If it has 4 USB ports, then it should play them. If it has 4 USB ports and still doesn’t play them, then you have the old 80GB PS3, which could only play around 75% of all 2,400 PS2 games. Your game may be the 25% that the old 80GB isn’t patched to play.

    If it has 2 USB ports, then it cannot, howsoever, play PS2 games.

  3. u did not say which one u have.the 40,60,80,or 120 gig model.the 60g which they quit making in summer 09 had a built in playback compatibility,the others needed the software download.u should call customer support and ask whats up

  4. If you have a 60g or an 80g with 4 USB ports then your console is backwards compatible. If it does not then it is a new model which is not. So if you do have the 60 or 80 with 4 USB ports then check this site: [url is not allowed]. Just select which ps3 you have and then type in the title of the game and it will tell you if there are any problems with running the game.

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