Home Xbox Forum My netflix app on Xbox Live keeps signing me out?

My netflix app on Xbox Live keeps signing me out?


so i just sepnt an hour trying to fix my xbox live when finally i only had to up date it to fix it. The new dashboard is here! but now for some reason when ever i chose the netflix app it signs me out and prevents me from using the app by not letting me connect to xbox live. is it just me? i love instant streaming and i was in the middle of a great movie! HELP!!

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  1. Having the same issue here.I read to shut down the Xbox for a few minutes and then try again.hope it works!

  2. Same issue here. The problem includes the Zune marketplace, Hulu, and ESPN3 as well. Epix however seems to open up without signing me out. However, their database is empty, It seems to me like the servers are not fully synced up yet. Sucks, because I just started watching the Hangover 2 like 5 minutes before the damn update came! lol

  3. xbox live is down for everyone. i try to sign in through netflix and it logs me in sometimes, but then i get kicked off after a while. check LIVE status here: [url is not allowed]

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