Home Xbox Forum Modding my xbox 360. i need help!?

Modding my xbox 360. i need help!?


i have a window cut in my xbox but no plexiglass in it yet, but the lines are a little crooked. should i leave it or complain? and im painting it a bright red, what color LED’s should i have?

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  1. Make sure you do put the plexiglass in before use as without it you run the risk of overheating issues.

    As for it being a bit crooked,depending how bad it is just easier to tidy it up yourself with a bit of sandpaper. When you paint it make sure you paint it disassembled,a few silly people have brought consoles to me for repair after they painted it by just taping holes up,big no no. When prepping for paint use the finest sandpaper possible,clean between sanding & painting allowing time to dry properly in between coats of primer,paint & lacquer. If the consoles being painted red you would want led lights that either offset it like a blue led or compliment it like orange led. Dont use red led as this would make it a little plain looking

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