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Launch 60 GB PS3 YLOD Question?


My launch 60GB PS3 just died last night due to that stupid * yellow light of death thing, anyways I wanted to know If anyone here had the same situation and send it to Sony did they permanently fix it? like did it happen again? I know it costs $150 and im willing to wait to get it fixed but I want to know if it lasts or not? thanks

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  1. I also have the launch 60GB PS3 ( paid $600, IT WAS WORTH IT, still going strong I’m scared of disassemble because I might mess up and kill my ps3. But, I insist they use Arctic Silver 5 instead of the cheap white compound they call thermal paste, same to xbox 360, and wii. But if we want it to last (WITHOUT PAYING $150 OR WAITING) we have to face our fears. and do it ourselves or together 🙂 I hope we all get through this console death rampage. PS3 FTW!! SEE YOU IN THE FUTURE.

  2. Well it may not last forever when you send it to Sony, and you most likely will not get your same PS3 back. I am pretty sure they just send you a refurbished model that they have fixed already. Also they tend to take at least 6 weeks to do this. I would suggest trying to fix it yourself. Here is a great guide to help you get it done in a timely manner. [url is not allowed]

  3. This is temporary fix that will bring your PS3 back to life for enough time to back up all your data or run the Data Transfer Utility:

    [url is not allowed].

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