Home Playstation Forum How to prevent ps3 slim from overheating?

How to prevent ps3 slim from overheating?


Like how much room should I have it in. In cm,inch,ft,etc.

How much time can I play on it?

Where should I lay the ps3 on?

What do I do if it gets the yellow or colored light?
Easy 😉

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  1. 1) Take good care of it.

    2) Several inches in an OPEN, well-ventilated, dust free as possible area, such as on a desk or table.

    3) However long you want.

    4) Something solid and sturdy, desk or table is best.

    5) It’s called the YLOD (Yellow Light of Death). There’s also, though even more rare, the RLOD (Red Light of Death); or yet even more rare, the RSOD (Red Screen of Death). There’s not much you can do when those happen but to get the PS3 serviced or get a new PS3. Though as long as you take proper care of your PS3, it will last several years to come.

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