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How do we invite each other on Xbox?


I know dumb question!

But seriously me and some other friends are not able to invite each other to xbox live parties or to like Call of Duty Black Ops II games!

It´s really starting to annoy me and my friends!

Could it be my internet or something?

Wolud be grateful for a serious answer.

By the way we have tested to invite each other but it says : Cant Connect to Xbox Live Party

And when we invite each other on cod it always says : Game session closed!
Update 2:
Plus we all have gold membership!

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  1. While your in COD click the “Friends” button, while on xbox live. It’s usually Y. then, it will open a list of your online friends. Press A to view their gamercard, and then it will have options to “Invite to Game”, “Invite to Xbox Live Party” etc. If you can’t find the friends option, click the big huge X home button on your controller, scroll over to your friends, and go to their gamer cards and it will give you options to invite.

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