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how do i use bluetooth on ps3 in games?


well i am playing naruto ultamite nija storm 2 on ps3 and i want to use my bluetooth i set the voice chat on but i still cant use it i regesterd and set it to on but i still cant use it on any of my games and the same thing on medal of honor and battlefield 1943 so please help
when i turn it on in online games am i supposed to here myself talk
Update 2:
and how do i put it on in online

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  1. after registering your headset you must set it up in accessory settings / audio device settings and test it — if you don’t set your headset as the input and output devices it’s not set up properly yet.

    individual games also may have headset settings needed to use it.

    for battlefield 1943 the headset settings are crap – it almost never works in this game and when it does it’s spotty at best. it’s the game not the headset in this game. it’s needed a patch since day 1 but never got it fixed. you can turn on the headset and try but usually you can’t talk or hear anyone else or just get a few minutes when it actually works.

  2. When you turn the bluetooth on you must do this in this EXACT order:

    1. Go to settings

    2. Go to accessory settings

    3. Go to audio device settings

    4. Find your registered device under the list of headsets you can use

    5. Hit triangle and hit connect

    6. MOST IMPORTANT STEP: Once you hit connect you must also be turning your headset on at the SAME TIME. If you don’t it won’t read. Once the headset is connected DO NOT leave the screen until you can hear your voice in the microphone when you talk. Then you can back out and go play. Hope this helped if you need anymore help here is a video.

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