Home Playstation Forum How can I jailbreak my PS3? What is the method?

How can I jailbreak my PS3? What is the method?


I wanna know how I can jailbreak it

it’s PS3 slim 320 GB , I bought it in march 2012

I have the OFW 4.25 but it’s too expensive to buy blu-ray discs.

hence I wanna jailbreak so that I can play games.

I would be reli grateful if anyone could tell me what exactly needs to be done.

I know about CFW and that with time newer CFW’s are released

I just want to know the COMPLETE method , from start to end

What extra stuff I would need and what custom firmware of flasher kit.

I’ll be reli thankful to anyone who can help.

God bless you.

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  1. You can’t jailbreak a 4.25.

    So sell the PS3, get a gaming PC and play as many pirated games you want cuz screwing around with the PS3 will cause it to malfunction, its better to sell it now at a great deal rather than try jailbreaking it a risk it breakingdown.

  2. First, you can’t. Second, go search one of the numerous hack sites if you want more info. This is the wrong place to ask this question.

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