Home Playstation Forum Do you have buy online passes to play online with the PS4?

Do you have buy online passes to play online with the PS4?


I bought a used copy of The Last Of Us buy I can’t play the multiplayer because I didn’t have an ($9.99) online pass and I know that the multiplayer is not free on PS4 without a PS plus subscription but is also not free on the PS3 games when it comes to used games.with the PS plus subscriptions I don’t have to buy a online pass to play multiplayer on used games?

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  1. sony is not putting online passes on 1st party ps4 games and is encouraging other developers to faze them out too , most already have so very few if any ps4 game will need an online pass

    its still up to the developers but so far no ps4 game will require an online pass

    online passes are also not mandatory for ps3 games , if the developer feels they need to get paid to use their online servers , which incidentally are costing them thousands of dollars a month to maintain so why should you get to use them free and while gamestop makes money off used games? , well , then if a game requires an online pass you have a choice , pay for a new copy or buy used and pay the $10 fee to play online , nobody forced you to buy the game used.

  2. I thought companies were getting rid of the whole online pass stupidity?

    Only a few companies, mainly Ubisoft and EA, were using this system but due to all the complaints they’ve gotten about it, they were discontinuing it.

    I was not aware that Naughty Dog was doing this as well.

    Unfortunately, the online pass system is entirely separate from any sort subscription you may have with Sony (PS+) or Microsoft (Xbox Live Gold)

  3. So like the xbox.you may have to buy the online pass for used games.its so that the software company makes sure they penalize you for buying a used game. So, YES, you will have to, and yes you will also have to pay the online 5 dollar a month plan.


  4. Only if the game is used and requires an online pass. The good thing is that companies like EA and Ubisoft are getting rid of online passes from their games after getting a lot of criticism about it so hopefully the others won’t be far behind.

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