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Copying Console Video Games Onto CDs and DVDs, Which Software Should You Use?


The idea of burning a video game onto a CD or DVD has been around since PlayStation became the first console to introduce CDs as game discs. Since then, a wide variety of software and methods have emerged to help gamers store video games to prevent wasting money on buying more copies when the original becomes scratched and unplayable. This is where the problem began.

Greedy software developers realized the demand of copying solutions and suddenly, a pool of poorly-developed video game copying programs littered the internet and clouded the gamers’ ability to find the right software. Gamers that did not want to risk ruining their video game console by physically modding it searched for an ideal copy software. I speak from experience because I searched almost endlessly to somehow get quality copies for all of my games. When my dog or little brother ruined my favorite game, I didn’t want to go out and buy another copy.

Three problems exist in current video game copy software:

  • Digital Protection Systems protect the game files from being copied
  • Some do not accurately copy all files, making the games unplayable
  • Outdated copy methods don’t work for newer games

Luckily for you, I’ve recently discovered a software that has no problems doing the three above. This software can bypass the latest digital protection, make 1:1 quality copies and frequently offers updates to assess the newer games.

Using this software is incredibly easy. Just pop in a game disc from your XBOX 360, PS3, or others, make an “image” of the game, burn that “image” on a spare DVD and test run it on your game console. That’s it!

Give this game copying software [http://www.singlepcgamer.com/copy-games/] a try and start enjoying quality copies of all your games.

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