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Can someone track your location through your xbox 360?


So, I was playing GTA5 Online and I became friends with this guy. We were in a party voice chatting and the convo grew into where I live. He said “you probably live in utah” and I said “how the f* did you know that ” and he said ” I guessed do you really live there” I asked where he lived and he said California. I’m really freaked out because that was a damn good guess. He said he’s only 14 but he sounds a lot older. He also said he was in 8th grade. We’ve sent a tiny amount of messages to each other before befriending each other. I’m just really freaked out and I hate myself for saying I live in utah. I did lie and say I was 18 not livin with my parents. He doesn’t know what I look like and I didn’t say what city I lived in. Please help.

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  1. Yes he or anyone can track you through your IP address and everyone that uses internet has one. Ive been tracked before. It usually does not seem to be something to worry about as a lot of people like to joke with others and scare them. Now if he starts getting more information I would block him and report him. But really unless you are a hacker that I know of there is not much we can do. But Heck if I was a hacker I could prob trace you through this yahoo answers website. Dont worry its usually not much to worry about. Hell he truly could have been guessing.

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