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Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Review


Fun in the sun.

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike takes the battle to the sea and and adds new vehicles, guns, and a new mode. I was never a huge fan of water based levels like Paracel Storm or Flood Zone. So going into Naval Strike I was a bit nervous. But luckily, Naval Strike offers some of the best Battlefield has to offer.

We get four new maps that all revolve around an amphibious environment. While swimming and boats are still frustrating at times, these maps are catered for these actions and for the most time it works. All four maps have carefully placed islands and buildings on those islands that give you many different gameplay styles. These maps are perfect for classes, which is a great accomplishment in my book. Whether your sniping from long distances or going in for close quarter combat, you never feel like you shouldn’t be doing so.

The new hovercraft vehicle is useful for all terrain and is a quick way to places with one other person. It never feels over powered or like it doesn’t belong in the game. My only problem is that your vulnerable to literally anything and it’s not fast enough to really escape danger.

You also get five new weapons that can be unlocked by completing assignments. I’ve only unlocked three so far. A sub machine gun, light machine gun, and a sniper rifle. All three are well balanced offerings that are a change from the vanilla guns.

Naval Strikes greatest addition to Battlefield 4 is the new game mode Carrier Assault. I literally haven’t touched another game mode since I first played Carrier Assault. The mode starts off as a conquest match and once you run down the enemies bar, you unlock the option to board their Carrier and them the same. Once this happens and you board the enemies carrier, it turns into a mini game of rush. You have to destroy two m-coms to win the game. Or the other way to win the game is to keep playing the conquest points. There variety in the mode that keeps the game fresh.

Overall, Naval Strike brings some fantastic maps to Battlefield and now my favorite game mode. It offers great variety during one match and there’s so many ways to play on the new maps. With new maps, guns, and mode, if your a fan of Battlefield 4 you should definitely consider picking up Naval Strike. It also increases the games level cap to 120.

Final Score: 10

I play on the PS4 and am currently ranked 88. Playing Carrier Assault is a great way to earn tons of XP and I will likely be spending many more hours playing the mode. Check out my other Battlefield 4 article on how to rank up faster here: http://ezinearticles.com/?How-to-Rank-Up-in-Battlefield-4&id=8334526

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