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Why won’t my xbox 360s connect to the tv with the hdmi cable?


I used the red, white and yellow cables with my xbox before and it worked fine but when i connected it to the tv (telesonic) 32″ lcd tv it recognised that something had been plugged in but it just says hdmi in the corner but shows a blue screen. The tv has only 1 hdmi port. When i try it again with the red, white and yellow cables it works fine. I have a sky+HD box which has its own sky branded hdmi cable which works fine with the tv, so i dunno if there are settings wrong or if it’s the cable but the cable is brand new of play.com and had great reviews. This is really frustrating.

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  1. hey just had installed a sky +hd box. they used my hdmi cable which i used for myt xbox 360 because the tv is mounted on the wall.

    Now heres what ive done. i have connected my xbox to the sky box though the scart and then the sky box is connected to the tv through a HDMI cable.

    the scart socket on the sky +hd box says video/dvd/.and so on.

    i dont get anything when i turn my xbox 360 on. i only get the sky channel. how can i use my xbox!?

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