Home Xbox Forum what are some good third person shooter/open world games for xbox 360?

what are some good third person shooter/open world games for xbox 360?


looking for some games, i love open world gaming and i like third person shooter (i hate fps), just wondering what you can suggest?

oh and i want decent graphics

here’s some examples of games i’m talking about that i’ve already played:


Red Dead Redemption

L.a Noire

The GTA Series

Dead Rising

The Fable Series

on a side note i hate all those post-apocalyptic games and RPG/Fanatcy style games (i make an exeption for fable)

i want something with like real people in a real city or place. NOT some planet with aliens or monsters (zombies are an exeption)

no i will not play C.O.D or any other war based games.

and i don’t play games for the online aspect of it.

i like roaming around open worlds, exploring, and doing main missions and side missions.

i know i’m picky lol. sorry.

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  1. Wait for Skyrim when it comes out in 6 days. It will fit your bill PERFECTLY. It does have a kind of fantasy based theme but it is an amazing roaming RPG, trust me. You could also play Mafia 2 or Saints Row! But really Skyrim 11/11/11 even rent it if your not sure but if your an RPG fan im pretty sure it would blow your mind. Also, Guild Wars 2 comes out a while from now and that is an amazing looking MMORPG.

  2. If you like red dead and gta, try saints row 2, or wait for saints row 3. Its a less serious and realistic open world game. There are so many fun minigames and vehicles, not to mention the fact that the content is freaking hilarious!

    Gears of War is also a really good game. I know you dont like post apocalyptic monster games, but it really is probably one of, if not the best 3rd person shooters out there. Fallout is also a really good open world game.

    For the most part, youre a bit out of luck. Why not at least try to expand your video game- based interests and genres?
    P.S: I really respect you for not caring about the online play. I hate it when people are all like “yeah, its a good game, but the online sucks.” Its good to see someone who actually likes the game itself.

  3. Red dead redemption is nothing like Grand theft auto. It takes place in the early 1900s in the final ages of the wild west and the game seams very real to me. The story line is absolutly fantastic and had me hooked. There is good replay value too. I can’t even describe how great this game is, this is THE best game I have ever bought, Honestly if this game was 200 dollars, I would buy it. You will not be sorry if you buy this game!!

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