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ps3 i gameshered on my son’s ps3 will i get banned or will we both be banned?


any help would be great

also if anyone has the updated terms and conditions for ps3 could u post link


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  1. Like Adidas said, its not a problem if you’re all in the same house. Its in different locations that becomes a problem.

    If Sony bans for gamesharing, they usually ban every party involved, since technically everyone involved is violating the PSN Terms of Service, and there are at least 5 people on my Buddy List who can confirm that (they are currently or have been banned for gamesharing).

  2. If you bought from online playstation store, then you can easily share it 5 times (there are guides on the net on how to do it).

    And if you bought a disk then whats the problem? Its just that you can use it on one system at a time as there is only one disk but there are no probs.

  3. I’ve never been banned, and Also I can’t quite understand what you’re asking.

    You type the question, then you add details on the problem, By (Hey) Actually putting details.

    Here’s more Info for you.

    [url is not allowed] – Why Is My Account Banned?

    [url is not allowed] – Info For Parents

    [url is not allowed] – Terms of Use (ToS)

  4. If you live in the same home, you are allowed to game share on each others PS3s. It is when you don’t live in the same home that it becomes a problem (per Sony’s Terms and Conditions).

    Either way, Sony isn’t doing any crackdowns or banning on game sharing. If they were to ban anyone, it would be the person who did the game sharing. Of course they could ban both, but no one really knows what Sony would do. They haven’t done any banning because of game sharing, so at this point, I wouldn’t worry about it (if you are not in the same home).

    Here is Sony’s current Terms and Conditions (as of April 21, 2010, which includes Sony’s new Video service that is coming – Qriocity – pronounced Curiosity):

    [url is not allowed]. <-- That link will route to this link: [url is not allowed]. (just in case one of them doens't work)

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