Home Playstation Forum Need help with pre ordering a ps4.?

Need help with pre ordering a ps4.?


Need help with pre ordering a ps4.?

I want to get this bundle but when I proceed in getting it doent want a deposit and doesn’t say it will charge me only when they send it. Does that mean im paying for it right now?

Also its not available yet on amazon, game or anywhere else and I want to get it now so I get it as early as possible.

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  1. They are only selling ps4 consoles when they get them , there are no pre orders available , all the site says is they will start to deliver the ps4 console after nov. 19 when its available ( pre orders or those ordered first get shipped first and as more are available they ship more ) , there is no guarantee you will get one on that date. If you order one today , since every ps4 for launch worldwide is known to have sold out months ago you are only going to pay for it and wait until the site gets one in for you. that could be a week after the ps4 launch in nov. a month or longer.

    Their terms say you pay in full unless you use their credit card , which gives 6 months to pay it off , if you used a different credit card you would be charged the full price plus taxes the day it was shipped

    The earliest you will get a ps4 is nov. 29 but only if you get one from a retail store , and only if stores have any available beyond the pre orders , in reality though I would not expect to get one before dec. or maybe jan. 2014 if you waited this long , pre orders wold out in late july on all sites and in all stores that I know about

  2. Unfortunately there’s no definitive answer. Their terms are very vague and say nothing about pre-orders, and searching Google was practically pointless. So right now it’s impossible to say. The only thing you can do to know for certain is to actually contact them directly and ask.

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