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Help! ps3 internet?


My dad wont hook up ps3 to internet cause we have wireless internet and he says about hackers! would this happend? Someone with ps3 internet can explain what is ps3internet plz

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  1. The PS3 is essentially another computer on your network. This shouldnt matter all that much as long as you have WEP or even better WPA encryption on your router.

    As long as youre only downloading Official Sony certified content and youre playing games through the PSN I dont see why there would be reason to worry.

  2. Hackers can not get any information from your wireless connection. The only way hackers can get your information is if you were to visit a website and/or download a certain file and then they can do stuff. But as for you PlayStation 3, it is impossible to hack it.

    P.S.: I recently received an award in Webmaster and receiving an Information Technology certificate, so I know all about this stuff.

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