Home Playstation Forum Has anyone faced any problems with the new PS3 Slimline?

Has anyone faced any problems with the new PS3 Slimline?



  1. I didn’t face any problem with ps3 slim coz

    i dont have ps3



    i didn’t hear from anybody that it has a problem.

    I heard some people say, sometimes hard drive gets corrupted

  2. The console was released this month. If anything, those experiencing problems at this point may have gotten defective units. The chances are slim though. Probably less than 1 percent. However, hardware problems may come out in the next few months as the PS3 Slimline gets more played and really tested. I hope they eliminate the YLOD problem with the slim.

  3. Well it’s not really the system itself, but the firmware that is forced on you to install.

    Update 3.00 has caused a lot of problems to owners. In addition, a new patch to fix the problems, 3.01, isn’t helping. Makes me wish I never got online on their PSN. They’re like Brett Farve. Always changing their minds and never bring in the gold anymore.

    Warning:I’m a ticked off PS3 owner.

  4. A small one but it went way in a day. The disk would get very hot even tho i haven’t played the games long. But the next day it went away to i think it was because it was getting used to using disks.

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