Home Playstation Forum does DC Universe for ps3 even work, has it ever worked?

does DC Universe for ps3 even work, has it ever worked?


First of all I like free games and my playstation took almost 8 hours to completely download this game. when I finally got it after I created my character I couldn’t register him. It wasn’t a bad name because I tried several before quitting. the next time I load it up make a character again and I randomly got booted out of it, repeated and randomly booted again. Next time I try the game is stuck on the loading screen, then the next time I try I get a message the server is undergound maintenance. So for the entire day I tried playing this game, and had the same problems I listed throughout the entire day. So to my knowledge this game doesn’t work at all at least ive never seen it work. Am I alone or are other people having issues? Maybe the servers can’t handle it because so many people are downloading this game since it’s free and it is causing problems, don’t know but what I know for sure is it hasn’t worked all day and doesn’t work now.

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  1. Nop it’s under maintainencr right now,trust me it wasn’t even working on me either,yesterday it did though

  2. Ive been trying to get on since 10pm So I think it is what you said, what with tons of people trying to log in now that its free :S Hopefully its fixed sometime throughout the weekend

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