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Xbox 360 WIRED headset disconnecting.?


It’s in perfect condition, apart from sometimes when i slightly move the thing that goes into the controller it disconnects untill i touch it. It’s not falling out at all so its confusing.

I’ve tried blowing inside the controller port but not making much difference so wondering if thers anything else i can try?

(Also, if it comes to it i have to get a new one, are all the ones being sold at the moment black xbox elite ones, as i got mine form the elite bundle and also are the thing you plug into the controller much smaller than the original one whihc took up alot more space?)

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  1. I’ve had my Xbox 360 wired mic for a least a year now and it works great. I suggest getting a new mic or checking your batterys as the batterys are a problem sometimes 😀 If you do not treat the mic with respect it will break so dont liek chuck it around when you lose at a game 😀

  2. the xbox microphones are not well made, especially the new ones. i usually have to buy a new one every year. i recently bought a 3rd party one, so we’ll see how long it lasts. i read and heared from a few places that say if you dip the microphone jack into alchohol (rubbing alchohol, vodka etc will work) it might fix the problem, but if not its time to whip out the wallet and throw microsoft some more money.

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