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Xbox 360 unreadable disc problem?


My xbox 360 cant read discs properly. My gears of war 2 and cod waw say unreadable disc but there both almost brand new a few months old(tried at friends worked flawlessly). i called xbox my warranty ran out and i have to pay to get it fixed (why M$ are money hoggin basterds). If i buy a brand new 1 and switch it will it work or should i try purposely getting red rings? No immature, nonsence answers please.

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  1. Dude honestly you should just scrap your xbox because that is a common problem along with RROD, E74, and scratching games. Right now the warranty only covers RROD and E74 as M$ believes the other “aren’t necessarily their fault”. if most of your friends have 360s then go ahead and buy a new one its cheaper now, if not dude PS3 ftw.

  2. try to wash it in the sink with hot water not too hot. and den look for scratches.

    if not den just get red rings. das what i did. i did theother one with my ncaa game. GL

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