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Would Microsoft do a full repair on my Xbox 360 if i got the RROD?


My xbox 360 has a problem right now, it refuses to connect to xbox live at all, it says im connected to the Internet but not to Xbox Live so i wondered if i purposely gave it the RROD and sent it in, since its already beyond the regular warranty, would they fix all the problems to my Xbox? also if any1 knows how to just get my xbox to connect to XBL that would be reeeaaally useful too. ive tried all the suggestions from microsoft already.

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  1. They’d fix any problem you’d like for a fee because you’re beyond warranty.

    It was a $99 fee when I had to get my Xbox 360 fixed. It could have gone up since then.

  2. Like Kristie said there is a fee if you are out of warranty. There is was 3 year extension on most xbox’s. You can log in to xbox.com and under your account add your serial number under the repair section and it will tell you if you are still covered.

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