Home Xbox Forum Whats the best sniping game for xbox 360?

Whats the best sniping game for xbox 360?


I well i have Call of duty 4 mw2 black ops and WAW and battlefield 2. there all great games but am looking for a more steathly only sniper game where bullet drop and other things take affect in the game. I would mostly b playing multiplayer if that makes a difference.i hav been considering sniper ghost warrior.is that a good game? thanks

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  1. Sniper ghost warrior is not a good game. Everyone camps and bad gameplay mechanics. Try Battlefield Bad Company 2. It has real bullet drop and has other playing roles, mostly teamwork. Eg. healing, reviving and supplying ammo to teammates. Snipers can spot enemies for teammates to see and there are many vehicles and unlockables.

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