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Whats better Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3?


Hey guys so as title says which one is better but less hackers ive always been a ps3 nerd but there are just to many hackers and ps3 is laggy on the other hand xbox 360 you have to pay for membership and ive heard that they will not allow hackers or they will ban them?

Can you guys help me out thanks

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  1. The only reason to buy one of these things is to play games.

    So, what games do you want to play? Specifically, what exclusive games do you want to play?

    Gears Of War and Halo? Then you need to buy a 360.

    Gran Turismo and Uncharted? Then you need to buy a PS3.

    If you want to play online, you might want to consider a 360. Yes, it costs $60/year but Xbox Live is by far the better online service compared to PSN. Xbox Live has more subscribers (despite costing money), supports more games, has more features, and has better network quality (fewer problems, lag, etc.)

    However, if you hack or mod your console and log into Live, it will be detected resulting in your console and your Live account being perma-banned. So don’t do that. Microsoft does this to prevent folks from using hacks or cheats in the games which just ruin the experience for everyone.

  2. Playstation 4. But if you’re staying retro, PS3 for sure, of course it’s controllers are weird, but the console itself has blu-ray, and still has as many of the xbox games. Plus the PSN might still be free, rather than 60 bucks a month (like xbox).

  3. Depends on what you’re looking for. I have an Xbox 360 and I like it but at the same time I really want a PS3 because I like the type of games they have like Little Big Planet, plus multiplayer is free. But Xbox is faster and to me is just more professional and also has things like cross game parties and the controller is more made to fit in your hand so each console has it’s pros and cons. really hard to decide. if you like multiplayer a lot go ahead and get ps3 so you don’t have to pay that much but it’s whatever you want. search on google and see which one more suits you.

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