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ViewSonic 37″ N3752w or Mac 24inch monitor for ps3?


hey guys I am wondering if I should use my apple computer as a monitor instead of this tv lately, the tv’s native resolution is 1366×768 while the mac is 1920×1200. I know that its a smaller screen, but honestly 24 inch screen with 1080p vs 37 washed out 720p, i think the 24 inch is the better option. please give me your insight.

The tv itself is pretty bad, has no backlight brightness options, and the color isnt great even with calibrating, also you have to wait a minute after turning it on for the remote to respond to it. I feel like the mac screen would be way better.

Now I know there is hardly any games that actually use 1080p, but won’t the quality of 720p look better on my mac monitor than that tv?

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  1. I have gone to better quality on a smaller screen, and I found that the size of the screen is more beneficial than the resolution.

    I found myself squinting to try to see things.

  2. 720p is 720p. It doesn’t matter if it is on a 15 inch TV, or 15 foot TV. The only difference is going to be the size of the screen. You will have to sit closer to the smaller screen, that is the only difference you will see. Except for the games and videos that are in 1080p, which will obviously have a better resolution than the 720p, even when viewing them on a smaller screen.

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