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Vice city PS2 cheats dont work?


I tried like the jetpack cheat and the weapon 1. I typed it in the controller and pressed all the right buttons but the cheats dont work!! Why? I checked to see if its PS3 but its ps2 and none of them work!! PLZ HELP!! for best answer.

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  1. you cant use the jet pack cheat on vice city only on san andreas but you can do the weopons i have all of them and here wopones one the corrrect way

    weopons oneRI,R2LIR2 left,down,right,up,left,down,right,up

  2. There is no jet pack cheat for Vice City

    You are using GTA San Andreas cheats.

    San Andreas was the first [and only] GTA game to have jet packs

    Here are the actual Vice City cheats:

    [url is not allowed].

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