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Question about an Xbox?


Does the Microsoft Xbox 360 Arcade come with a hard drive or just memory installed on the console?

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  1. The only memory it has is a 256 MB and I had originally bought one of those. I regretted it the second day and exchanged it for the 360 Pro. You might come into problems with not having enough memory for saves on certain games. Then you would have to buy a memory card.

    Even if you buy an extra hard drive you are better off buying at least a Pro.

    It’s just the memory card that it comes with. Even if you mod the 360, there is no point in having just having the Arcade because you will not have the capability to have a ton of saves, for the millions of games you can get. Just save an extra hundred dollars for the bigger hard drive in Pro.

    Some other things about the Arcade: it doesn’t have an HD cable, which would not look nice if you happen to have a HDtv of some sort.

  2. The Arcade now comes with an internal 256MB memory card. You can buy additional cards, or just buy a hard drive and connect it to the top of the 360.

    At one point, Microsoft was selling refurbished 20GB hard drives from their website, xbox.com, for $20.

    Even without the hard drive, the 360 will be able to play any 360 game with just a few minor exceptions:

    * The Oblivion add-on package (not the Game Of The Year edition) won’t work because it installs to the hard drive

    * Certain downloadable content won’t fit, such as Burnout Paradise’s addons, making online play impossible for those titles.

    * Downloadable demos for retail games won’t fit on a memory card.

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