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PSN Sharing help please?


So today me and a friend decided to psn share so that we could play each others games, i have tekken 5 and pain and he wanted to download them, and i got ratchet and clank from him, but everytime that we both try to play it says copyright protection info is invalid, i let my other friend get the cod maps and it worked for him, so how come it doesnt work for us? and what we did is create a new user then sign into an existing account and go to recently download and download again. Did sony discontinue psn sharing or something?

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  1. You need to activate each other’s account on the PS3, just like when you activated your own.

    Sign in with your friends info.

    Go to account management.

    Go to activate system.

    Activate game and video.

    Should work after that. Might have to be signed in with their info while using, I dunno.

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