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PS3 is dead and cannot get game to eject?


PS3 died of red light of death, and will not stay on long enough to eject the disk. It is a Motorstorm 80gb system and will not do the fan test, I’ve tried it many times. Any help?


  1. try hitting the eject button. that will turn the system on and the first thing it does will eject. if that doesn’t work, use tweezers to pull it out. i can’t guarantee it will come out with no scratches, but it’s scratched disk or no disk.


  2. You need to send your system to a quality repair service. They can not only get your game out and retrieve your data but they also can most likely repair your system. My system also just died on me. The best option is to find a place that offers the reball method for repair. That means they replace the lead-free solder that Sony uses with a lead based solder. This can extend the life of your system for years. Look at this site. It has really good explanations and may be an option for you. [url is not allowed].

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