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Play N trade?


well im going to trade in my ps2 and all the games i have which is like 7 PS2 games and 1 xbox game and 3 xbox 360 games how mush would i be able to get in store credit?

and do they let you trade like 4 or 5 games for a new game that just came out because i remeber at E B games like a couple years back they would let you trade 2 or 3 games for a brand new game or new realease

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  1. for a PS2 you will get about 60 dollars. if you have all the cables and controls.and for games you get around 3-9 dollars for each

    for 360 games you will defiantly get more money.around 5-20 dollars.you can trade anything you like.but i will recommend not selling any madden games.( you get nothing for them , maby 75 cents.and that’s about.it )

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